Seetaraman Iyer (Seetu)

Seetaraman Iyer (Seetu)

Seetaraman Iyer (Seetu)
Seetaraman Iyer (Seetu)


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I condemn the statements made by Tamil cinema actor Vijay Sethupathi recently, quoting statues of Gods in Hindu temples are just stones and need not be bathed and dressed behind closed curtains, Seems like we have another Kamal Haasan in the making 😡 #sickularism #hatredagainsthindus

I condemned The Times of India yesterday on Twitter for misleading information, Here's the tweet

The prayer meeting that happened was at a church in TN but TOI posted photo of a temple to mislead people
#TOI #sickularism

How many of you spend your lockdown in self-introspection? #Selfmotivation

It's a fight for survival, and the fittest shall thrive and survive, Let's help each other while helping others, Please follow your respective State Government's rules so that this pandemic can be fought and banished quickly 🇮🇳🙏🏽 #COVID19 #IAmWithNaMo #fittestsurvive

Do not discriminate against victims affected by Corona virus pandemic, Instead help the individual/s by counselling and taking them to the doctor #COVID19 #2020

India is the only country where one section of people finds a chance to berate the Prime Minister of the country for everything he does in welfare of general public, Such people should be placed in a dictatorial sovereign where punishment for berating a national leader is serious

I see that the current Lockdown has become a joke for many people who believing in endangering other's lives by flouting rules put forth by Government, And I appreciate police for clubbing such people for violating the rules #FightagainstCORONAVirus