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Nov 30 , 2018 4 min read 183 Views Likes 0 Comments

2.0 is a sequel to Robot (Enthiran), directed by Shankar, starring Akshay Kumar, Rajinikanth (certainly he will not mind that his name has been taken after Akshay), Amy Jackson and others.

Two points about 2 Point O - (1) This is a fictional work so no point in telling that it should have been more believable, (2) Shankar has tried to give an experience using cinema as a medium, and we cannot expect this to be a work of literature (we should  stop comparing these two different mediums).

No scene is wasted and we are drawn into the experience from the first shot into the film. I remembered my childhood days when I saw My Dear Kuttichethan, a 3D film and a fun film at it, and this film is no different. The whole cinema as an experience and is something which is worth and one of the rarest films which tell the story through sets, acting, visuals, music and above all sound (yes sound, it is different from music, and even sound tells the story). Shankar has blended all this in such a nice proportion that has to be experienced.

Rajani is back to his best, and Akshay Kumar delivers a subtle stellar performance. 

If you are a movie buff, you should not miss this one and watch this in 3D version.


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