A Very Personal Review: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

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Aug 13 , 2018 4 min read 3 Views Likes 0 Comments
A Very Personal Review: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

As I was looking for ways to stir my otherwise idle mind, I came across the book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind  by Vishen Lakhiani on Amazon.com. Vishen is the founder and CEO of education and wellness company Mindvalley. I was skeptical at first of purchasing the book (almost dismissing it as probabaly one of those with fancy titles and little new to offer), but it was maybe my 'subconscious' mind that ultimately made me try it - besides, I was desperately looking for something to help me come out of the monotony that life had been heaping on me up till that point. But what I got from the book turned out to be more than a way to escape boredom - the book has shaken up my life in the most beautiful way.

The book talks about several important things to revisit on eof them being "brules"(short form of [a not-so-kind word in English]+rules)-- meaning meaningless "rules" that we have been hammered for too long by society or even by our loved ones - who might have had the best intentions for us, but were unaware of the shallowness and false ideas that undergird such "rules". 


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