Actual route to women empowerment

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Dec 17 , 2018 5 min read 367 Views Likes 2 Comments
Actual route to women empowerment

People became so rhetoric that women empowerment literally remained as a hot topic to attract wide attention. I would say the efforts so far were just created empowerment for women in the surroundings of our home. If we look inside our home, the ugly face of patriarchy still prevails with the same intensity as it had in the past. The concept of women empowerment will materialise only if it gets the sufficient strength from the individual home. So in that aspect, we all are culprits.

We never paid attention to exercise an internal democracy in our home despite we are living in the largest democratic country in the world. Each and every key decision will always be taken by the father. Chances are rarely given to mum. That too for some less significant stuff. So India is the largest democracy when one look from a frame of reference outside to India but am pretty sure if one notices such high level of deviations he will surely change it to the most deteriorated state of democracy.

Mum will literally cook everything. But she will eat only once her husband and children are done with. I wish my mum to sit along with us. I tried many times to convince her but failed miserably because of the lack of support from others and her belief that women are supposed to follow such stupid conventions.

The epicentre for women empowerment should be our own home. We have to think and try to make changes in these simple things first rather than conceiving some big ideas. This is the most practical feasible solution to throw away the roots of patriarchy and reinstate the dignity for women, the one which she had experienced in the ancient times where she was worshipped as God.


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