Believe That You Are UNIQUE

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Savi Pathak
Aug 13 , 2018 3 min read 353 Views Likes 0 Comments
Believe That You Are UNIQUE

As youth, this is one of the most felt things by us i.e. "ISOLATION".

We often start feeling isolated by others when we cannot match them, when we cannot fit into their group and in that race of matching them, we start imitating them, we try to be like them and lose our individuality.

      In this world, where every person wants to become successful, we need to understand that, copying someone would never help you, but retaining your individuality will, doing things differently will. You are unique, one of a kind and need to believe in your own beauty, in yourself rather than comparing yourselves to others. So, just "BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE UNIQUE". 


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