Curious about #Opined -

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Aug 10 , 2018 3 min read 3 Views Likes 0 Comments
Curious about #Opined -

10 August, 2018

Today, I found, in my inbox, a communication from Mr. Vipul Gajera, the founder of Opined, which, in his own words is "a newly launched opinion based blog website" on trending topics.

The word "opinion" got me thinking - "Hey! This is interesting. Opinions can be informed or uninformed, they can be based on one's own thinking or based on others' opinions."
A question then crossed my mind - "How does Opined know if an opinion has been plagiarised? Are there plagiarism detection tools in place?"

Well... There is only one way to find out. So, here I am!

I read a couple of articles.


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