How to choose a career?

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How to choose a career?

Choosing a good career is very important nowadays while considering the external competition which pressurizes all the students to select a good career path. After completing the 10th class, the biggest question comes in the mind of every student is to choose which subject in 11 class, whether to choose commerce, science or Arts. Selecting the subject in 11th class is not a piece of cake as this will affect a student's future. Suppose, if a student wants to become a doctor or engineer then they will take science and on another hand, if someone wants to become a Chartered accountant or doing MBA then they will choose commerce. There are three kinds of mindsets of students while selecting subjects are fully confident about its future choices, confused regarding subjects and taking subjects in the pressure of their parents.

Majority of students remain confused before and after selecting its subjects as they just picked the subjects casually. In earlier times people think that if a student did not select a proper subject then they can't take up their career in a smooth way. This typical mentality related to career selection has changed nowadays where student's pays attention more on its interest rather than considering typical careers such as CA, MBA, doctor and engineers.

It is important to explore the meaning of career before discussing how to select a proper career path as most of the students are not aware of the term career as they are just dragged by their family members in different career streams without seeking their opinion. Definition of career differs from one person to another as this depends on a person's mentality, thinking and its experience. Career according to me is something which satisfies my passion, gives me the financial freedom to pay off my daily expenses and all kinds of needs such as basic, social and luxury. I am comfortable in selecting a career which is not decent (so-called society believes) as per the society but according to my interest. A student should select its career thinking about itself rather than considering the beliefs of society and interest of their parents.

There are two kinds of career such as academic and non-academic career which is selected by the student according to their interests. Academic career consist of making a career in various fields related to studies and non-academic career is an opposite version of academic career such as making a career which is not related to the studies. Career selection is important to be on a right track rather than fluctuating from one career to another which will decrease self-confidence of an individual due to failure. The failure is not a bad thing as this will teach some lessons to a person to fight back all its difficulties. Things which needs to consider while selecting a good career are the interest of a student, no compromising attitude, share the feelings with parents and try to convince them and self-belive. All these points will help a student in selecting a good career path.

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