Importance of co-education

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Raj W
Raj W
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Importance of co-education

A child’s age is the best in shaping his entire future. This is also vital to imbibe values and to learn how to interact and adjust with the other gender. It is usually found out that less interaction with the opposite gender creates a bit of shyness and leads to reduced confidence later on. Thus it becomes very important that in the early stages only, children learn to communicate with the opposite gender easily so that happy relations can be formed later on.

An attraction for the opposite gender and certain unwanted incidents which may take place in the naive stage are the prime concerns of parents who decide to send their kids to an all-boys or all-girls school. They believe that on being surrounded by the same gender, their kids will not develop any kind of immature feelings for a person with the opposite sex and there would be fewer chances of some unfortunate happenings.

The outcomes are not always accordingly. It is a common human tendency to do what he is prohibited from doing. Many times it is the curiosity and urges to know the opposite gender that drags a child to different places and through different means. Social media these day plays a great role in welcoming many such unnecessary and unwanted situations. If a child is not studying in a co-ed school it doesn't ensure that all your endeavour to keep him/her safe during this elementary stage will result favourably.

On the contrary, students studying in co-ed schools, learn how to behave with the opposite genders. Living together they understand what are the priorities, natural aspects, expectations, human psychology etc. of the opposite sex. Both female and males perspectives can be explored. Healthy competition and feeling of co-operation will thrive. These nurture their personality and later on, they can easily get along with their batchmates in colleges and even with their co-employees in workplaces. Relationships become easy to handle and the person during the course of time develops skills to adjust and negotiate well.

Thus it is vital according to me that children are taught in co-ed schools only. Man makes mistakes, if mistakes are made in the early stages itself then the lessons will help the child lifelong. Now it becomes the responsibility of parents and teachers to take care that important values and principles are imparted carefully within the child so that the mistakes do not become so big that they ruin the child’s life.


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