Poverty and unemployment are the biggest challenges of India

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Poverty and unemployment are the biggest challenges of India

Even after being the fastest growing economy, unfortunately, we have not been able to propagate the fruits of development to some sections of society yet. It is really a great pain to see that today when a particular section is earning money and living a lavish lifestyle with good clothes, a plethora of sources of entertainment and luxury items on their side, another section, is still striving to meet their basic needs.

Poverty today is menacingly plaguing the Indian society. It is really difficult to see people especially small children suffering from lack of food, proper amenities, and health security. Recently 18 children died out of starvation in Jharkhand. I mean just ponder on it, what would it feel to struggle for food the entire day or wait that their elders will bring it to them and finally you realize that there is nothing and you sleep with an empty stomach. It is really a shame that even after achieving the heights of the mountains and the depth of the sea, our brothers still have to witness such days and nights.

People die because they are not able to get proper medication. Education is the most powerful tool which can shape a child’s future they are even deprived of that. Together there is no purpose of their lives left. Watching children in trains with torn clothes either sweeping and asking money or seeing them filtering some useful materials from the garbage are acts which really should compel you to ask yourself - "what if they were you?"

Unemployment, on the other hand, today has really created many problems for the youth of India. The lack of job creation has created conditions which are not so favourable for the people. As a result even after attending quality education still, people are unable to find jobs because of fierce competition.

Thus we see that Poverty and unemployment have become two of the greatest challenges that our country needs to overcome. Without bringing equality amongst all the sections and creating opportunities for the youth to carry forward the task of building the nation, India will not be able to transform from a developing into a developed nation! It is the responsibility of the citizens also not only the government to take initiatives so that each one belonging to our society can at least fulfil the basic essential needs so that they don't have to strive hard for it. Let's bring a renaissance and bring an end to these two evils plaguing the Indian society.


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