The Joys Of Imperfection

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Aug 11 , 2018 6 min read 2166 Views Likes 0 Comments
The Joys Of Imperfection

Strangely enough we are all surrounded by the images and expectations of being perfect almost all the time. We are always on the lookout for a perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect spouse, the perfect child, the perfect body, the perfect lifestyle and the list is endless. And all this even without understanding what perfection actually is. This could be the confusion when you are not sure of what you really want.
Most of the time the cause of our misery could be the race of achieving this perfection in everything. I wish we all could realize that we are humans and it’s perfectly perfect to have and accept the inherent flaws in us and in those around us. We can still be happy and contented with what we have if only we realize that we are blessed to have what we have and enjoy every bit of what we have.  
We tend to get lost in the race to achieve this so called perfection and end up letting ourselves down in the process most of the time. A simple example could be; we know we need to get that beauty sleep but instead of picking ourselves up from the couch we insist on picking up that television remote.
What is it to be perfect? What is it to have a perfect house or spouse or child or lifestyle? There is actually no perfect answer or a perfect solution to this. A situation beyond which no improvement is feasible theoretically or practically could mean perfection, but again which is the situation where no further improvement is possible?  We always end up looking and wanting more every time.
Any place where you can find happiness, a person with whom you spend even 5 minutes and feel good and happy, eating a slice of cake and enjoying it, a hug from your child, a little smile on your face on watching a cute video, all this could be perfect in that particular moment. I am sure you all would agree if I say that being happy is perfection.   I would sum it up by saying anything that you can enjoy and feel good about is perfection. It is absolutely perfect to be imperfect and still enjoy these little moments of joy. 



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