Three Steps to a Healthy Cyber Life

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Three Steps to a Healthy Cyber Life

Eating Right: That old saying, “you are what you eat,” can easily be applied to the cyber world: YOU are only as strong as your weakest password. Eating right, in this case, means “a well-balanced password” by using strong, hard-to-guess words and phrases, and never using the same password twice. Why would you use “bank password” to protect and access your banking information? Or “online trading” for your online trading account? That’s obviously the wrong way to pick a password. Don’t forget that your electronic identity, your username and password, is all that stands between your data and criminals.

Exercise Daily: You want to feel better about your security habits and the privacy of your data? Change your passwords regularly. Set a calendar reminder if you have to. Routinely updating passwords is hard work but it pays off, just like hitting the gym three or more times a week. Nobody wants to do it, but everybody wants the results. Of course, by using a password manager for your personal and mobile lives, your passwords will be exercised on a regular basis!

Get More Sleep: Anti-virus and anti-malware software allows us to surf the web mostly worry-free, especially since it should be set to update itself fairly often, without involving you. Keep your personal anti-malware software up to date. You should also regularly back up important personal documents (photos, taxes, medical records, financial records, etc.). At work, never install or modify any software without permission.


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