We Are Sorry

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Nov 21 , 2018 6 min read 210 Views Likes 0 Comments
We Are Sorry

I take this wonderful opportunity to address the present condition of people living in the Delta region of Tamil Nadu. Gaja cyclone has recently passed over these Delta regions without showing mercy to the pedestrians over there. The Government officials seem to be in the silent mood and the MLA's are in flight mode. Its the TN youngsters again in the track to save those people who produced food for them. Last time during the Chennai flood there were many supporting hands from celebrities, media all over the world but this time even the local media is not taking a big step. Only the social media activists are in the field along with fundraised all over the Tamil Nadu through various means. Its time even for us to help those who are suffering after losing their lives and properties. We can't cure the wound completely but can help them provide medicines. Only destructions in the towns are showed in media but the destruction in the rural areas are not covered by anyone. Even during this time where mankind is in need of help, there are some frauds who are using this as an opportunity to sell 5 candles for RS.300 and even water bottles were 80/litre. I haven't mentioned the loss in farming because it changes from one home to another and definitely they cannot pull off this huge debt. Those who are willing to fetch their hands for the people are welcomed. You can help by sharing this information until the government reacts or personally if you want to contribute then follow social media activists like Piyush Manush, Black Sheep team and try to help them as they are currently in the field to help people. I hope I haven't wasted your 5 minutes and please try to help the farmers. Thank You..... we



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