What my in-laws will say

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What my in-laws will say

Right from my marriage date my in_laws were always torturing me mentally . They had an belief that being a son's father or a brother's  sister they are superior.  They can always impose their views on  me and my parents.  We cannot say anything.  Only we have to obey their orders .  Because that is our tradition . Bride's family always have to fulfil the other side's wishes.  In my 'sasural' my sister _in_laws  always had a superior place.  My father-in-law was doing whatever they were dictating.  As my husband is the only son my three elder sister -in-laws were busy in devising plans to put me in trouble by hook or crook.  Though they had their own families but their centre of attraction was me.

One day my father-in-law came to me and started giving his usual lecture " as you are the 'bohu' it's your duty to see that your sister-in-law  will be happy . They don't have to listen to the taunt of their in-laws because of us. So whenever you are sending gifts for them always keep in mind it should be costly . You should purchase gifts according to the latest trends.  Never give just for the purpose of giving. "  And my father-in-law's favourite one liner was "What their in-laws will say if they receive cheap gifts? " My daughter's head will hang in shame.  So it's your prime duty to keep their head high. 

So from my side I always tried my best to keep my sister -in-laws happy.  My husband was also very particular about it. He was always gifting more than his standard but even after all the efforts everytime my sister -in-laws were complaining about the gifts we give. They are always dissatisfied whatever we do. Everytime they receive a gift the next moment they start making faces. And say " What my in_laws will say". You should have brought a better one. Always out of respect we never utter a single word.  Silently we digest all the humiliation  and insults.  Because the moment I will say a word  they will question my parents upbringing and  my 'sanskar'. So everytime I become a statue.  And my husband also never protests because he knows the moment he will speak a word all will attack him  immediately "you have changed so much after marriage.  The day your wife came you only listen to her. Now we don't have any value for you. That's why you always defend her choice of gifts. " So it's wise to remain silent  and we were expert in that.

These things continued for   2 long years . During these years they never took the pain to gift us anything spontaneously  . Even if out of compulsion they gifted anything to us it was of no use. But we cannot show reaction like them as it was against our 'sanskar'. 

But we were waiting for the right opportunity to protest. Finally that opportunity came when my daughter 's first birthday came. We had invited every one including my parents. My sister -in-laws  as usual had gifted things which were far below according to their financial standard.  But my husband didn't say anything at that time. But when my parents came he immediately told me and my father-in-law "please hide these gifts given my sisters somewhere. Because "What my  in_laws will say" if by chance they see it. My head will hang in shame.  They will think my sisters are 'kanjoos '. They may not speak before us but definitely they will discuss it in their home.Listening this my father -in-law was stunned. It was a tit for tat situation for him. He became sure that even if we remain silent but we know to hit the iron when it is hot. After this incident our life changed for better.  My in_laws never complained after that. Our life became stress free. We never had  to worry about my in_laws.


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