Why I feel Modi deserves "Bharat Ratna"?

Aug 10 , 2019 8 min read 1420 Views Likes 0 Comments
Why I feel Modi deserves "Bharat Ratna"?

Before I begin, at first congratulations to entire India for becoming entire in true sense for the first time ever. Today, I have the privilege to congratulate entire India with full confidence like never before and all thanks to prime minister Modi. It is only because of his strong political will that issues like article 370 which were considered as untouchable since long no more exist in our nation. It won't be wrong to say that after legendary individuals like Sardar Patel, it is only Modi who worked for the integration of India, be it geographical integration in Kashmir or economic integration with his steps like GST or be it global integration with his yoga day outreach. 

When it comes to issues like Kashmir, we had often seen politicians keeping them away from touching this issue making it more sensitive. However, it is only politicians like Modi who with his decisive leadership took a step forward to sort out the age-long Kashmir crisis. As Indians, we had seen how politicians and government worked looking at political calculations but for the first time ever, we saw someone like Modi who hardly looks at political calculations before taking a step. In 2014, when he was in political campaigns roaring from stages and coining slogans like " Nation first", many including me thought of this as a political gimmick but his bold decisions after decisions like Demonetization, surgical strikes and recent abrogation of article 370 from Kashmir perfectly reflects that "Nation first" is not just a political slogan for him.

He is not just integrating India geographically but also with emotions. Since after he assumed power in 2014,  Northeastern states which had faced the sheer negligence of New Delhi is now the top priority of the government and insurgent movements in these states are dwindling. 

Modi has also redefined politics and political opinion of our nation where people earlier had an opinion that politics is all bluff and politicians never fulfil promises. Modi showed that in politics if the intent is clear then everything is possible. 

If Sardar Patel is remembered as a man who integrated India then Modi without any second opinion will go down in the history of India as a person who fully integrated India in true sense from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. 

Modi today has emerged as a true Statesman and his efforts deserve to be recognised and "Bharat Ratna" may do this. Already nations like UAE, Russia, Israel, Palestine, Afganistan had recognized his efforts by awarding him highest civilian honour of their nations. It's the time for own nation to start recognizing his efforts with proper honour.