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Trishla Sharma
Aug 12, 2020

Is this how tolerant Muslims are? They burnt down MLA residence in #Bangalore for a social media post? Comedians, actors, politicians have been insulting Hindu religion overall since decades every possible way, yet we are the intolerants!

Sanvi Jindal
Aug 12, 2020

So one social media post n people brought down a city like #Bangalore down??

Is the religion so insecure, weak, vulnerable to get offended by a random social media post??

#Idiots #RiotsInBangalore

 Bangalore, Idiots, RiotsInBangalore
Apr 15, 2020

Greener planet that we all thought of and thats a real thing now. Oil industry is suffering it's worst period and we are at home all the time to keep everything neat, clean and Greener! #pollution #Bangalore #Positivity