Mehul Dugar
Mehul Dugar Dec 5, 2019

I am sharing my views on a very serious and alarming issue that needs to be discussed and addressed. #ClimateChange #MyOpinion #YourOpinionMattersToo #Share #MakeAnImpact #Edutalk #Mehul #Important #Globalissue

Vats Yogi
Vats Yogi Aug 31, 2019

#NarendraModi has done many initiatives to make #india green. Now people also need to understand their role and stop littering. #Climatechange

Amelia Thomas
Amelia Thomas Aug 30, 2019

Why is it that almost all country leaders and corporate-backed government are so willing to bail out greedy and corrupt banks in '08, but refuse to act on #Climatechange? As Bernie Sanders has said, "Let's be honest. If the environment were a bank, it would have been saved already."

Alen Jose
Alen Jose Jul 28, 2019

It is indeed a reality. We just have to look at our childhood days. For most of my 14 years of school, monsoon rains soaked my new uniform and bag on the very first day of the academic year. No idea why rain is late nowadays. #Climate