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Aaryan Kapur
Aaryan Kapur
Mar 7, 2023

#corruption #nepotism
Shocked to see the level of corruption in #Bihar. Lalu Yadav is being questioned in a land-for-jobs scam at his daughter's home. Such a shame! #CBI #scam

Divya Subramanium
Divya Subramanium
Mar 6, 2023

#Corruption #Nepotism CBI officials should be investigating higher officials instead of harassing ex-CMs, waste of taxpayer money. #JusticeDelayed #BiharScam

Pari Patil
Pari Patil
Feb 19, 2021

The best and to the point thing I have seen today..... #ArjunTendulkar #Congress #Nepotism #RahulGandhi #IPLAuction

 ArjunTendulkar, Congress, Nepotism, RahulGandhi, IPLAuction
Pruthviraj D
Pruthviraj D
Sep 12, 2020

#Sadak2 Movie Trailer has become the most disliked video on YouTube India!!
All credits goes to #Nepotism.

Cast:Sanjay Dutt,Alia Bhatt,Pooja Bhatt,Aditya Roy Kapur.

 Sadak2, Nepotism
Ajay Kumar Sharma
Ajay Kumar Sharma
Aug 25, 2020

खानदान की Value तो मानव के आदिकालीन कबिलाई मनोवृति की परिचायक है,
वह आज भी !
इस मनोवृति को आज व्यावसायिक लाभ मे काम लेना, जैसे SC ST minority के कानून बना रखेहै, आज का सबसे बडा पिछडापन प्रकट करता है!
कानून बना कर इसे रोकना होगा नही तो पिछड़ापन बढ्ता जावेगा!

Shushil Sigh
Shushil Sigh
Aug 14, 2020

People who are disliking Sadak2 shouldn't they support and watch a movie like Lootcase. The whole cast is from non-Bollywood family. Instead of sharing boycott Hotstar, they should support the right kind of movies. #Hotstar #Nepotism #SushanthSinghRajput #Bollywood #Movies

 Hotstar, Nepotism, SushanthSinghRajput, Bollywood, Movies
Jul 28, 2020

Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai. Aur logo ko #SSR ke liye nyay chahiye. #Bollywood #Hypocrisy #Nepotism

 SSR, Bollywood, Hypocrisy, Nepotism
Ahaan Seth
Ahaan Seth
Jul 12, 2020

I think Salman Khan is most overrated and overpayed Arrogant nepotism kid in Gutter of Bollywood #Salman #Bollywood #Nepotism

 Salman, Bollywood, Nepotism
Himanshu Dubey
Himanshu Dubey
Jul 7, 2020

All this is a publicity stunt. Had this film released in the theatre’s then there was a point in promoting the film of the late actor. “Behthi Ganga mein hath do rehe hai yeah log”. I strongly believe #OTT release of his film is the reason for his death. #Nepotism #DilBechara ❤️

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