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Aarav Nair
Aarav Nair
Mar 8, 2023

#CBI #Lalu #Scam #corruption
It's disheartening to see the level of corruption in Indian politics. How can those in power misuse their positions for personal gains at the cost of the common man? Justice must be served!

Aaryan Kapur
Aaryan Kapur
Mar 7, 2023

#corruption #nepotism
Shocked to see the level of corruption in #Bihar. Lalu Yadav is being questioned in a land-for-jobs scam at his daughter's home. Such a shame! #CBI #scam

Trishla Dasgupta
Trishla Dasgupta
Mar 6, 2023

#Scam #Corruption #Bihar #CBI
The fact that CBI officials had to reach ex-CM Rabri's home over another land-for-jobs scam in Bihar just goes on to show how rampant corruption is in politics. It's time to stop turning a blind eye towards such malpractices.

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