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Kishor wagh
May 16, 2020

Thre is nothing wrong with woman who wants to work out for strength, excel in sports, work toward a leadership position, or seek accomplishment in other areas that may be male-dominated.
But when they adopt traditionally male attributes as a display of "empowering women", it actually undermines #WomenEmpowerment

Poonam Rathore
May 5, 2020

I know fulfilment isn’t (entirely) about material possessions but nothing feels better than looking around and realizing every expensive thing I own I paid for myself. I love owning and earning my own stuff. I think this is true #WomenEmpowerment and #feminism.

Neetu Jain
Apr 20, 2020

It's funny how all these people are pissed off about the government telling them what they can or cannot do during #CoronavirusLockdown.

Now they know how everyone with a uterus feels on a daily basis.
#womenrights #womensequality #WomenEmpowerment

Heena Khan
Apr 20, 2020

I don’t know which woman needs to hear this but you can have hairy legs, not wear makeup, and still wear dresses and love pink and cutesy things. The two are not mutually exclusive. #WomenEmpowerment #womensequality #feminism #feminist

Subha Rao
Apr 17, 2020

Four More Shots Please 2 is out. Is this real #feminism spreading awareness about #WomenEmpowerment and #womenrights? Or is it just selling their program using #sex and #Womenskin?

 feminism, WomenEmpowerment, womenrights, sex, Womenskin
Apr 10, 2020

Karma says, "If a man expects a woman to be an angel in his life, He must first create a heaven for her."

Angels don't live in hell.

#womensequality #womenrights #WorkingWomen #WomenEmpowerment

Neha Here
Mar 31, 2020

Women do not have to:
-Be thin
-Cook for you
-Have long hair
-Be Feminine
-Be graceful
-Be fashionable
-Wear pink
-Have sex with you

We can make our own choices. #feminism #WomenEmpowerment #womenrights

Sugar Cup
Mar 30, 2020

Social norms have not changed. we NEVER liked you touching us without our permission. So please stop convincing yourself that it's a new world. It's the same world. I just don't have to lose my job for telling you to get your hands off me.
#womenrights #WomenSafety #WorkingWomen #WomenEmpowerment

Subha Rao
Mar 29, 2020

Question for the masses:

What do you think of when you think of empowered women? As a woman, what makes you feel most empowered?

Sehrish Khan
Mar 29, 2020

Always respect yourself as a woman. You attract what you are so mindful of how you represent yourself. If you want respect, you must learn to respect yourself first. Be a woman of substance. Be a woman both men and women admire and respect. You can’t keep entertaining people mean you no good. #WomenEmpowerment

Nistula Hebbar
Mar 27, 2020

#Feminist really need to cut that shit out of deciding when females are allowed to be scantily clad. You can’t have “women are liberated and can wear whatever they want without being judged” on the same table as “scantily clad women in videos and magazines". None of these women are hostages. #WomenEmpowerment