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Adria Gupta
Adria Gupta Dec 28, 2019

I believe that women are the most underprivileged in this country.The women should be given power to fight against the odds of the Indian society.The rapists should be brutally punished and harassed by the public so then will the sick minded people will understand their mistake.

Kapil Singh
Kapil Singh Nov 12, 2019

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot says the custom of ‘ghoonghat’ belongs to a bygone era and stands in the way of #WomenEmpowerment. A great move indeed. #womensequality

Bhanu Oct 9, 2019

We can wear what we want. #StopJudging us based on our clothes. #womenrights #WomenEmpowerment
PC: The Pink Revolution

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Kavya Kapoor
Kavya Kapoor Sep 24, 2019

Really fed up with these kinds of brutal events 😢

When do we see this country safer for women?

They have tears, heart and most importantly pain!

#womenrights #WomenEmpowerment

 womenrights, WomenEmpowerment
Bhanu Sep 24, 2019

Great Job!! Our Indian Television doing a great job towards #WomenEmpowerment, #GenderEquality and #womenrights. After all, all women as "Maal", Isn't it? Where is the responsible television working towards a society's betterment?

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Amelia Thomas
Amelia Thomas Sep 5, 2019

A man asked Ileana D'Cruz "When did you lose your virginity?" Such a pig. When we talk about #GenderEquality and #WomenEmpowerment, there is this type of people who never want to change or give equal status to women.

Kavya Kapoor
Kavya Kapoor Jul 18, 2019

Stop complaining or boasting about periods and pregnancy. There is nothing that female have done about them. Its nature that made us like this. It's not true #feminism. Start talking about the things that matter like #WomenEmpowerment & #GenderEquality

Kavya Kapoor
Kavya Kapoor Jun 18, 2019

Indian women don't have a voice. We all want #WomenEmpowerment and #GenderEquality but when it comes to speaking up, We, Indian women, don't raise our views. I think that's the difference between developed countries and us.

Mrinali Sharma
Mrinali Sharma May 21, 2019

I think the word women "empowerment" is not correct. We just need support and not the empowerment. We are already empowered. #WomenEmpowerment