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Anamika Singh
May 13, 2020

Hey note to women who are role models for younger ones. When your daughter/ niece/ whoever comes to you and says “a man did or said something that made me uncomfortable” your response should NEVER be "men are just like that" or "ignore him". #WomenSafety #womenrights

Neha Here
Apr 27, 2020

If #sexualAbuse is due to what women wear, then probably #India would have the lowest rape rate. It's not about what women wear, It all in the sick mindset of the man. #WomenSafety

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Akash Banerjee
Mar 31, 2020

Stop telling your daughters/ nieces that they need to cover up because you're having male company or their uncles are coming over. If they are looking at your daughter/ niece sexually, then they don't need to be around them. Stop protecting molesters/ rapists because they're family. #WomenSafety

Sugar Cup
Mar 30, 2020

Social norms have not changed. we NEVER liked you touching us without our permission. So please stop convincing yourself that it's a new world. It's the same world. I just don't have to lose my job for telling you to get your hands off me.
#womenrights #WomenSafety #WorkingWomen #WomenEmpowerment

Shreyas Kadam
Mar 28, 2020

Acid attacks are a crime without pity and a mirror on our unforgiving times
#AcidAttack #WomenSafety

Pooja Garg
Dec 31, 2019

Every road, every public place, even homes, we women don't feel safe for our daughters and for ourselves. It's because people don't fear the law. Only if there were quicker, stricter and public punishments for the culprits, that will create a fear and reduce the incidents against women.