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Deepali Balse
Sep 6, 2020

#casteless_india ideally society shud be casteless,,, it may centuries for it to be eradicatef

Trisha Mehra
Aug 27, 2020

Caste-blind Indians. I really think that the situation has much improved. But then, is it just me and my urban perspective? Or it's the same situation in modern India? #casteless_india #FightAgainstCastism #Castism #India

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Thakur S.P Parmar
Jun 13, 2020

Neither this #पुजारी_भिखारी_है Nor that #आरक्षण_भीख_है are true friends, all this is Poisonous disease, which is not good for the nation or any one. Let us move to #casteless_india a dream of #babasahebambedkar.