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Critiqal Thinker
Critiqal Thinker
Jul 3, 2023

#tragic #depression Another suicide in another IIT, what's the issue with these big institutions , why are so many accidents happening there and who is responsible for this? administration? peer pressure? why is there no talk about mental health and depression in our education system?

 tragic, depression
Rohan Mylapally
Rohan Mylapally
Jul 13, 2021

No doubt that Pandemic taught us many things. But it would be misleading if I say, that this Pandemic has only taught us positive things.
It has undoubtedly taught us how negative a situation might get, how to live in fear and how to believe despite of that fear.

It even left most of the people depressed, anxious, broken and alone. This pandemic might go away, but the lesson it taught us won't.
To me it is nothing short of a great resurrection.

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Apsara Sen
Apsara Sen
Nov 26, 2019

Our generation has the maximum number of depressed and stressed kids.. but what causes depression and stress? please let me know if you have any remedies. I feel taking some time off the internet and a healthy lifestyle choice helps with stress a lot.
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