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Jul 22, 2022

#kerala#moral policinghello guys ? what's your opinion on moral policing in kerala in relation to the recent issue?

Silly Spices
Silly Spices
Sep 9, 2021

11 more people in Kozhikode have shown symptoms of the Nipah Virus as per media reports. #virus #kerala

Hilarious Hindustan
Hilarious Hindustan
Sep 5, 2021

#kerala #virus #staysafe
A 12 year old boy died of nipah virus in khozikode yesterday. Nipah is worse than corona. I hope this is not an outbreak. The state government has assured that there is no need to panic.

Chinthakuntla Bhargavi
Chinthakuntla Bhargavi
Jul 31, 2021

The fear of third wave started in Kerala and Karnataka states. India reports a big surge in daily cases. Will India succeed in preventing the third wave?

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