Mahesh Mohan Lenka
Mahesh Mohan Lenka Nov 14, 2019

#youropinionmatterstoo In #myopinion say no to #foodwaste in India there is an organization called #robinhoodarmy fighting against #hunger. they serve needy people and give them food free of cost which is someone's reason to smile. and not to sleep with empty stomach. so do it together.

Prashant Sharma
Prashant Sharma Nov 14, 2019

Try to control Population not by mouth but by hands.
I totally believe in the importance of raising your voice and putting forth your opinions. It’s time to make your VOICE heard. Download the Opined app, and start making THE change, because #YourOpinionMattersToo

Sakshi Pathak
Sakshi Pathak Nov 10, 2019

I think Feminism is a movement to get equal rights for women in the society. It has nothing to do with your personal preference.
It is very sad that few women misuse the word feminism and the guys face consequences. To the men in our society. #youropinionmatterstoo

Shivam Singh Rajput
Shivam Singh Rajput Nov 7, 2019

I'll talk about government services despite of charging valuable amount of tax the condition of roadways in India is degrading GRAND TRUNK HIGHWAY through which I walk frequently got many ups and downs causing fatal ACCIDENTS since years the authority has no care about it #youropinionmatterstoo

Arun Dumane
Arun Dumane Nov 1, 2019

hii I m arun dumane and my opinion is about human helping kyoki aaj kal dekha jata h ke koi kisi ki help nhi krta na karna chahta h islie I requested to all young ganration ke please help every parson who's need help to at the time when you available there #youropinionmatterstoo

Shagufa gazi
Shagufa gazi Oct 24, 2019

mob lynching is a major problem nowadays but we've been ignoring it ,each day a life has been taken because of community discrimination ! we need to stop this , if this continues then all of the lives will be at stake
#stopdiscrimination #youropinionmatterstoo
#nomoresuffering #justice

Yashu Oct 24, 2019

#savewater #saveyourlife
water is basic thing needed to survive our life.. i have noticed 80% of people waste water!! wasting water results in killing yourself so guys save water to save your life. water harvesting is best procedure to save water naturally #youropinionmatterstoo