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Darshak Rathod
Aug 7, 2020

You will get justice Sushant!The Nation is with you .I am sure you can see it from above !!!!#Warriors4SSR
#shushantsinghrajput #cbi

 Warriors4SSR, shushantsinghrajput, cbi
Darshak Rathod
Aug 7, 2020


when this pandemic will over?
#covid #corona

Aug 7, 2020

#Politicians' distancing: Recent report alarms the TN public on unemployment 8.1% above national average & only 12%of Engg. colleges above 50%result ! To give world class education, to create assets to the society, rather than liabilities, it's better,politicians should be away from academia.

Ranjit Swain
Aug 6, 2020

Come on Opined Team, act fast. Eminent persons and other entities are joining Telegram. Develop your app into the Twitter of India which we can proudly adapt as a micro blogging platform to address issues.

Aug 6, 2020

#Flipflop: Present generation might have only studied in history " Tughlaquin debacle ", now they can experience practically in Tamilnadu - having complete lockdown on all Sunday's and partially on other days hoping to contain Corona. But unfortunately,virus spread & fatalities on the increase day !

Shikha Mishra
Aug 5, 2020

When BB Lal discovered Hindu temple remains under Babri. Indira Gandhi cancelled the excavations & buried the reports. Congress tried every darn thing to halt construction of Ram Mandir for 70 years. But now, they want a popularity share! Shameless! #RamMandir #JaiShreeRam

 RamMandir, JaiShreeRam
Parakram Nair
Aug 5, 2020

What's wrong with people in India and especially Hindus? On this special day, all we see on Twitter is this? Now I am convinced that #Twitter has been taken over by fake secular and Hinduphobics #JaiShriRam #rammandirinayodhya

Smiley Kapoor
Aug 5, 2020

Today is a day which will echo in the pages of history forever. Today, there is a new beginning. I would love to know others' opinions on this. #rammandirinayodhya #rammandirinayodhya
Note: - Please follow the rules and Do not feed the TROLLS.
Jai Shree Ram

 rammandirinayodhya, rammandirinayodhya
Pallavi Chaturvedi
Aug 5, 2020

Humey ravan ban dono ke pehchan alag nahi karna chahiye, yadi Shri Ram ki dp lagayenge to Shri Ram ke sath me Sita Maa bhi ho iska dhyan rakhe
Jai Shree SitaRam
#AyodhyaBhoomipoojan #RamMandir #Sita #JaiShriRam #Ayodhya #AyodhyaRamMandir #BhoomiPujan #राम_नाम_सुखदाई #राममंदिर 👇🏻

 AyodhyaBhoomipoojan, RamMandir, Sita, JaiShriRam, Ayodhya, AyodhyaRamMandir, BhoomiPujan
Aug 4, 2020

#cause and effect: TN's unemployment rate is 8.1% higher than national average ! This is the effect and the main cause is Politicians interference for cheap popularity in academia- no classes, all pass, removing entrance exams, allowing students passed with minimum marks, to enter degree courses.

Angel Chavan
Aug 4, 2020

Yes, we must teach everything in Arabic and Urdu in Bharat. Thanks for taking the time from peaceful works to issue these statements SFI, AISF and PDSU. #indianEducationSystem #NEP2020 #NationalEducationSystem

 indianEducationSystem, NEP2020, NationalEducationSystem
Upasana Konidela
Aug 4, 2020

drink tea you’ve never tried, reread your favourite book, get up to watch the sunrise, write a letter, listen to the birds, knit a bad sweater, bake an ugly cake, sing at the top of your lungs, jump crazily to some music. But #stayathome #ItsNotOverYet #CoronaVirus #StayHealthy

 stayathome, ItsNotOverYet, CoronaVirus, StayHealthy
Aug 3, 2020

religion for men??
men for religion?
#need to clear this doubt#




Renu Prajapati
May 17, 2020

The good decision was taken by Govt to extend the lockdown till 31st May. Just keep patience. We will win from this disease. And Yes we will come back stronger.

Best of luck for lockdown. #LockdownExtended #Lockdown4

Rakesh Gowtham
May 7, 2020

People say that everyone in the world is here for a purpose. I fail to understand what purpose I am serving sitting idle in the house? Or is it just the #lockdown thoughts taking it's tall? Any thoughts from anyone else? #Lockdown3 #Lockdown2 #CoronavirusLockdown #LockdownExtended

Ahmed Sharif
Apr 15, 2020

A sign that every person needs to have. Staying home is for staying safe. Obesity and weight gain is also not safe. #LockdownExtended #CoronavirusLockdown #stayhome

 LockdownExtended, CoronavirusLockdown, stayhome
Priya Singh
Apr 15, 2020

How everyone’s #Lockdown2 going ?!

I’m currently watching all of Horror/Thriller Movies on Netflix/ Hotstar.

Any suggestions or your favourites?
#CoronavirusLockdown #LockdownExtended

Aalia Noor
Apr 13, 2020

...but honestly, nothing has made us spend more time with our loved ones but this quarantine— either it's physically or technologically. 💙

There is something good in everything. #stayhome #LockdownExtended #indialockdown #Lockdown21 #CoronavirusLockdown

Neha Here
Apr 13, 2020

government is going to extend the lockdown. Please, whoever thinks that this is not so serious, think again. If you wish this lockdown to end soon, stay home, follow the rules, this is very serious and worrying. No one is free to catch it and our health system can collapse. #LockdownExtended #CoronavirusLockdown


Naba Kumar Ray
Jul 15, 2020

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare. 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️🇮🇳 #AatmaNirbharBharat

Strenthening women as well as farmers will make india ATMNIRBHR #AatmaNirbharBharat

Surya Akella
Jun 30, 2020


we are with you, in 2 years time we will lead the world, 100% aatma nirbhar honge


Jul 6, 2020

इक माँ ने जन्म दिया इक माँ कुरबान हो गए
कफन तिरंगे के हक दार हो गए
वो मर के भी अमर हो गए
वो भारत माँ के लाल
जो शहीद हो गए
#indianarmy #makeinindia#army #tradding

Jul 6, 2020

Kisi ko naye ghar ki khushiyaan thi
To kisi ki honi wali saadi thi
Or kisi ki chhoti beti thi
Sb bhula ke kurbaan krdiya khud ko
Kyu ki sb ko pyari bharat maa thi
#indianarmy #makeinindia #aatmnirbharbhart
mere galban veer javano ke naam

Sachin Bhamaniya
Jul 5, 2020

Shri Guru Ji Ko Sat Sat Naman 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌 ...#ShriGuruPurnima🙏
#Respect🙏🇮🇳 #IndianArmy 🇮🇳💪

 ShriGuruPurnima, Respect, IndianArmy


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