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Hardik  Lashkari
Hardik Lashkari Aug 14, 2019

वो चाहते हैं ये आवाजें न रहे, तुम पुरजोर ताकत के साथ आवाज उठाओ| This Independence Day, let's raise the voices louder, on issues which concern us and matters which hamper our constitutional and human rights. #AazadiKaParv

Krishnamurty Worah
Krishnamurty Worah Aug 13, 2019

I haven't got a good story so far. There is a huge chasm between what is presented in social media and reality. Consider freelance writing : Most projects start of sketchily , meaning the flow of projects is very sluggish. #RespectTheFreelancers

Vipul Gajera
Vipul Gajera Aug 12, 2019

Fortunately, I have connections, over social media handles, from both sides, so-called #Bhakts and #Haters. One thing that really amazes me is why either side is not willing to see things with an open mind and accepts good and bad?



Vats Yogi
Vats Yogi Jun 7, 2019

Really looking forward to some of the promises made by #BJP during #IndianElection2019. I think Modiji must deliver on 1. Ram Mandir building 2. repealing article 370 3. Employement for youth and 4. linking of rivers project. #WhatWeExpect_Modiji

Ramam Tantravahi
Ramam Tantravahi Apr 18, 2019

our country needs strong n stable n patriotic govt.Pity is is less.Rural more.This indicates educated are not participating.I suggest citizenship to be cancelled for non voters. #IndianElection2019


Varsha Gupta
Varsha Gupta Jun 11, 2019

Education is not just about scoring good marks or getting a good job but it's much more than that. Degree does not matter when you go out and behave in an abrupt way, fight on a road like an illiterate or show your immaturity in public. #Education

Mk Dec 27, 2018

Education is the most important and powerful weapon to change any system or society , but nowadays poeple are running behind Grades or Marks , they don't understand the importance of education and it's features . #Education

In my opinion, the education system needs an overall. Lets us throw outdated system and bring new that benefits thousands of student who can be employed after completing their education #Education


Vats Yogi
Vats Yogi Aug 5, 2019

Historic decision. Article 370 has been removed. history corrected. This is a clear victory of democracy. Only #NarendraModi can achieve this. Congratulations India to moving ahead with strong government. #BJP #AmitShah #Article370

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