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Ayush Mishra
Aug 8, 2020

life is nothing without purpose 😐
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Jul 10, 2020

#Life saving: 6 months gone but still Corona virus spread & fatalities haven't stopped world over! Doctors couldn't save Corona patients inspite of their 24/7 service without proper medicine/vaccine.The possible solution at hand is to administer antibiotics and develop immunity to save humanities.

Rayees seminars
Jun 4, 2020

Let your unique wonder and positive energy build trust in others. "Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." "If you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it shines." "Success is a combination of small efforts.
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Ranjith Kumar
May 8, 2020

why are i am born in this world you know even i don't i born in enjoy my life but here what happens every one is selfis and everyone want to many nd here if one person downfall then another person's going up thats not life.#moral#life#enjoy

Apsara Sen
Nov 26, 2019

Our generation has the maximum number of depressed and stressed kids.. but what causes depression and stress? please let me know if you have any remedies. I feel taking some time off the internet and a healthy lifestyle choice helps with stress a lot.
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Pritha Sarkar
Sep 12, 2019

it is perfectly normal just as heterosexuality is. Just because society is heteronormative, doesn't mean people can't live their lives. Live your life as it pleases you, and if anyone dares question, well just give a damn to it. #just be yourself #live by your ideas #life is your choice

Ashwini Nagaraja
Jul 24, 2019

Life always gives you a second chance; and it is called tomorrow 😉 #Life

Jul 21, 2019

we think logically and do the coding to make life simpler...

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