Pritha Sarkar
Pritha Sarkar Sep 12, 2019

it is perfectly normal just as heterosexuality is. Just because society is heteronormative, doesn't mean people can't live their lives. Live your life as it pleases you, and if anyone dares question, well just give a damn to it. #just be yourself #live by your ideas #life is your choice

Ashwini Nagaraja
Ashwini Nagaraja Jul 24, 2019

Life always gives you a second chance; and it is called tomorrow 😉 #Life

Vishal Jul 21, 2019

we think logically and do the coding to make life simpler...

#life #make #easier

Harsukh Raivadera
Harsukh Raivadera Jul 2, 2019

Memory are sweet,
But the life is not.
Memory stays for ever
Life stays for never !!

Harsukh Raivadera #Life

Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh Jun 29, 2019

Only one person can decide how worthy you are and that person is you. Agree? #Life

Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh Jun 29, 2019

Select what's right for you by eliminating what's wrong and keep trying and trying until you find what fits the bill. #Life

Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh Jun 29, 2019

Many people judge people who like to make a lot of money as materialistic, however, when it comes to giving any financial support, they are the people who are in the actual position to do that & so many of them actually do. #Life

Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh Jun 29, 2019

No judge. Well, it's easier said than done to accept people for who they are and how much, even when it hurts at times. #Life

Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh Jun 29, 2019

It's strange how people worry so much about what other people will think about them when here's the question that they might consider- if you'll think what will they think then who will think what you have to think? #Life

Deepika Jain
Deepika Jain Jun 28, 2019

One thing I learned in life, Never compares yourself with others. Everybody gets what they deserve, sooner or later. Never lose hope and work hard. You will surely get success.