Bhanu Oct 10, 2019

God has made us like this, no one has the ability to choose what color they wanted to be. U are good bcos the way u are, not bcos the way u look. Don't let any fairness cream or those beauty camera apps to tell you how you should look. #StopRacism #IAmBeautiful

Kavya Kapoor
Kavya Kapoor Oct 9, 2019

What a powerful picture. Two beautiful daughters of mother India.

Fairness cream or expensive beauty products will not make you shine, your talent, grind to excel will do it.

It’s high time we promote real talent and #StopRacism. #BoldnBeautiful #IAmBeautiful

Kapil Singh
Kapil Singh Oct 3, 2019

If only Indians segregated waste like they segregated caste and colour, our country would be so clean. #StopRacism #CleanIndia #SaveThePlanet