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Kavya Kapoor
May 31, 2020

"I see no colour" is not the goal.
"I see your colour and I honour you. I value your input. I will be educated about your lived experiences. I will work against the racism that harms you. You are beautiful. Tell me how to do better." I think this should be the norm. #ForBetterSociety #StopRacism

Sudhir Chaudhary
May 19, 2020

Weโ€™re all a little bit sexist, racist and groupist. By intuition, we all do a bit of discrimination. The difference is when you realise these facts and still progress with it rather than putting a check on the same. #stopdiscrimination #StopSexism #StopRacism

Amelia Thomas
Nov 9, 2019

Several companies in Japan have "banned" eyewear for female employees. Really???
First makeup ๐Ÿ’„
Then heels ๐Ÿ‘ 
Now glasses ๐Ÿ‘“

What's next?? #StopSexism #StopRacism #womenrights #womensequality

 StopSexism, StopRacism, womenrights, womensequality
Kavya Kapoor
Oct 30, 2019

No matter how beautiful the soul is, no matter how intelligent she is, the girl is always judged by skin color before even introduction. Racism has been of an old issue and needs to be tackled. #IAmBeautiful #StopRacism #StopJudging #stopdiscrimination

 IAmBeautiful, StopRacism, StopJudging, stopdiscrimination
Oct 10, 2019

God has made us like this, no one has the ability to choose what color they wanted to be. U are good bcos the way u are, not bcos the way u look. Don't let any fairness cream or those beauty camera apps to tell you how you should look. #StopRacism #IAmBeautiful

 StopRacism, IAmBeautiful
Kavya Kapoor
Oct 9, 2019

What a powerful picture. Two beautiful daughters of mother India.

Fairness cream or expensive beauty products will not make you shine, your talent, grind to excel will do it.

Itโ€™s high time we promote real talent and #StopRacism. #BoldnBeautiful #IAmBeautiful

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Kapil Singh
Oct 3, 2019

If only Indians segregated waste like they segregated caste and colour, our country would be so clean. #StopRacism #CleanIndia #SaveThePlanet