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Divya Gavde
Jul 29, 2020

Approximation of the regions mentioned in our National Anthem (credits:india in pixles)
#India #IndianHistory

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Angel Gavde
Jul 28, 2020

The value of Rs 10 for Lays, Bingo and Haldiram. #JagoGrahakJago #india

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Tanisha Gupta
Jul 25, 2020

Immunity boosting hand sanitizer :-)

No government will them questions or clarifications but to clear or accept an Ayurvedic medicine, they will ask for thousands of clarifications and proofs. #india #Ayurveda

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Vishal Chattopadhyay
Jul 24, 2020

“No wonder we are busy constructing temples”: Former civil servant lashes out at crumbling health infrastructure; Karnataka hospital welcomes pigs, Hyderabad and UP hospitals turn into ponds. #India #CoronaInIndia

Jitendra Raj Singh
Jul 9, 2020

We have also proud at the wion.because I'm fan of zee media. #india's no.1 reliable news channel

Dr Shrikanth Shetty
Jul 8, 2020

Do you remember this fake experts and fake media?
Timely #Lockdown has saved #India from #Corona disaster . Thank you #Modi ji

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Dr Shrikanth Shetty
Jul 1, 2020

:France supports #India and offers a visit by France defence minister to discuss ongoing stand off between India and #China.