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Angel Chavan
Aug 4, 2020

Yes, we must teach everything in Arabic and Urdu in Bharat. Thanks for taking the time from peaceful works to issue these statements SFI, AISF and PDSU. #indianEducationSystem #NEP2020 #NationalEducationSystem

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Chirag Popli
Jan 7, 2020

#indianEducationSystem is just giving therotical knowledge no practical one .which is the base of everything the students needs to do practical of the things they are being taught in college or school .they are just creating people with less skills and want to collect only good amount of fees

Yash Gawde
Jan 6, 2020

#indianEducationSystem is just teaching us to byheart things. It is just manufacturing workers and not giving knowledge. We should bring some changes in it.

Bhavesh Punjabi
Jan 5, 2020

#indianEducationSystem is the leading problem in India. It doesn't increases a child's Knowledge it is just an race to become the no1 just to score 100%.

Priyadarshini Ray
Jan 5, 2020

Well one of the leading problem in India is its biased education system. I strongly believe people are laid back because of there lack of interest in the stereotype field.
Still now people pursue certain subjects which they don't like and eventually failure is the out come.

We all know that there is a big issue of unemployment in our country, root cause for which is our education system.

Goverment needs to change the theoretical approach of education and bring in the practical approach.


Nandhini R
Jan 4, 2020

#indianEducationSystem We are taught from a young age to compete against your peers and the aim has shifted from having to gain knowledge to become a "winner". This takes a toll on everyone, which in turn produce not well educated individuals but weary kids who think it's them against the world.

Sayantani Sarkar
Jan 2, 2020

#indianEducationSystem needs to improve itself and become more practical then theoretical.

Debdutta Pandit
Jan 2, 2020

#Indianeducationsystem is good enough to produce a valuable and well knowledgeable personalities; but now a days the system get collapsed due to commercialization and improper channelization activities. Economy of students play a vital role in education system

Urvashi Jha
Jan 2, 2020

#indianEducationSystem First of all let's not use a word like education which has a very wide meaning which include gathering knowledge both at formal and informal level. Whereas what we have in India is rather more of a Schooling system...I personally would like to call it the stamp system.

Nishant Shandil
Dec 31, 2019

#IndianEducationSystem is not as flexible as US education system. In India, students are made to focus more on theoretical learning. There should be more focus on practical knowledge. Also, students are made to learn so many subjects which are not at all helpful in professional careers.