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Kavya Kapoor
Kavya Kapoor
Jan 7, 2020

This is undeniably a great news. Death warrant for #nirbhaya convicts.

However, what about so many other cases where girls in India don't get justice bcuse of lack of media attention? When will India become truly safe for Women? #FightAgainstRape

 nirbhaya, FightAgainstRape
Vipul Gajera
Vipul Gajera
Dec 3, 2019

Shocking and saddening. How many #Nirbhaya will we need to change the mindset of our society? When will our government and jurisdiction take adequate actions? What are the solutions to stop this madness? #womenrights #FightAgainstRape

 Nirbhaya, womenrights, FightAgainstRape