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Nistula Hebbar
Apr 1, 2020

Usually on the 1st of April, we won’t be able to tell fact from fable. But today, I strongly believe that we should be responsible. I urge you NOT to mislead people, cause panic, instil a sense of false hope or fear and later claim that we were fooling around! #CoronaVirus #COVID19

Silent Words
Apr 1, 2020

Now look at the USA condition with #COVID19. I think #NarendraModi and all the state governments have done a great job by implementing #Lockdown21 early on. Hope we will follow the instruction to avoid reaching a point like #USA.

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Sehrish Khan
Apr 1, 2020

The feeling I get while stepping out to buy essentials. How's the situation in your city/ area/ state?
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Akash Banerjee
Apr 1, 2020

So true, we should not forget those who works behind the scenes. Let's clap for them as well and say thank you. #CoronaVirus #CoronavirusLockdown #COVID19

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Shirley Setia
Mar 31, 2020

COVID-19 is spreading, but misinformation and disinformation are spreading even faster. The most responsible thing you can do is protect yourself from both the disease and false information. Being prepared with facts instead of fabrications will help how you can best prepare for #COVID19 #CoronaVirus

Megha Rawat
Mar 31, 2020

The weirdest part of living through the #COVID19 pandemic is this strange mixture of normalcy and emergency that we are all experiencing. I constantly feel like I'm either over or under reacting, or really both at the same time. it's surreal. #CoronaVirus

Asim Khan
Mar 30, 2020

#covid19 is exposing that everything we think is real like money and politicians and celebrities is totally made up and the things that actually are real like human compassion and social consciousness and love are genuinely necessary for survival

Shubham Tiwari
Mar 30, 2020

I think #CoronaVirus was created by a woman.

Think about it.

Cricket and other sports cancelled.
No bars, pubs or liquor stores.
Isolation for 21 days at home (probably to finish all household work that men were avoiding for a long)

To rub salt on the wounds, they name it after a lager.

Shushil Sigh
Mar 28, 2020

While #DonaldTrumph bragged about how great his administration is doing during this pandemic the US surpassed 100,000 confirmed cases of #COVID19, with more than 1,500 deaths. Hope #India and other countries take some serious lessons from this. #CoronaVirus #CoronavirusLockdown

Haresh Bhagtani
Mar 27, 2020

An inch of rain - no one wants to go to work.
Slight cold - everyone calls in sick.
World pandemic when we should stay home - everyone wants to roam around and relaise they have so much work.
The lack of common sense in this country is embarrassing.
#CoronaVillains #CoronaVirus #Lockdown21 #COVID19

Aadi Shakti
Mar 27, 2020

Those saying we have more pressing issues to focus on eg. #Covid19 than #Rape or #domesticviolence. There is nothing more pressing than the current rate at which women bodies are being violated. We must treat sexual violence as serious as #CoronaVirus if not more. #FightAgainstSexualHarassment #FightAgainstRape

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Marya Shakil
Mar 26, 2020

देश हम सभी से मिलकर बनता है।
आज संकट है -- तो सभी को मिलकर अपने हिस्से का कष्ट सहन करने को तत्पर रहना चाहिए।
#NarendraModi #COVID19 #Lockdown21 #IAmWithNaMo

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