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Krishna Mishra
Mar 26, 2020

The succes of this lockdown will depend upon India’s ability to survive and provide essential services to the large sections of the country. may not survive without them, where migrant labourers might live a dozen to a room. #Lockdown21 #FightagainstCORONAVirus #CoronaVirus

 Lockdown21, FightagainstCORONAVirus, CoronaVirus
Aman Goutam
Mar 12, 2020

Just got an Image with some datas, perhaps we aren't ready for #CoronaVirus . #FightagainstCORONAVirus #CoronaVirus
Take care of yourself 🙏

 CoronaVirus, FightagainstCORONAVirus, CoronaVirus
Amelia Thomas
Mar 12, 2020

Look the speed it catches up. This is scarry. But at the same time, I think, this is the time for governments to shine by taking measures to restrict the spread. #CoronaVirus #FightagainstCORONAVirus

Kavya Kapoor
Mar 3, 2020

6 +ve cases of #CoronaVirus in India. I think we need to start preparing ourselves before this number could be larger. Apart from government taking preventive measures, all citizens should also stay careful without creating panic. Let's fight this together. #FightagainstCORONAVirus

 CoronaVirus, FightagainstCORONAVirus