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Upasana Konidela
Aug 4, 2020

drink tea you’ve never tried, reread your favourite book, get up to watch the sunrise, write a letter, listen to the birds, knit a bad sweater, bake an ugly cake, sing at the top of your lungs, jump crazily to some music. But #stayathome #ItsNotOverYet #CoronaVirus #StayHealthy

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Rishika Subramanium
Jul 26, 2020

Percentage of population that is vegetarian in Indian States (2014). Comparing with the #CoronaVirus percentages in the states, it seems there is no relation between food and infection. #Food #Vegetarian #NonVegetarian

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Shyamal Bhaumik.
Jul 24, 2020

Affected are increasing in A.P.
1000 2000 3000 .... ...40000.....
political science and Maths are two different subjects.
Thanks to all from shyamal Bhaumik M.Sc in Economics Agartala Tripura.

Navya Rathore
Jul 20, 2020

if not for yourself, do so out of consideration to those around you. Wear Mask. Wash your hands and stay 6 feet away. #CoronaVirus #COVID19 #FightagainstCORONAVirus

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Anika Rangarajan
Jul 16, 2020

Gov saying no community spread in India. Really??? #CoronaVirus #COVID19 #CoronaInIndia

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Dr Shrikanth Shetty
Jul 14, 2020

There is definitely community spread of #CoronaVirus. Am seeing it daily. Scale may vary. Avoid fun, leisure, religious, political, non essential activities in public. All these can be done at home .
If not lucky, we may be victim . #StayHomeStaySafe

Humera Mohammed
Jul 8, 2020

it's upon us to take care of ourselves in this environment. it's not government responsibility to take care of yours! you can't blame for being tested positive. they already said precautions to be taken. you can't blame government or the people!
#covid19 #CoronaVirus #CoronavirusLockdown

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