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Dr Shrikanth Shetty
Jul 8, 2020

Do you remember this fake experts and fake media?
Timely #Lockdown has saved #India from #Corona disaster . Thank you #Modi ji

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Dr Shrikanth Shetty
Jul 7, 2020

ಕೈ ಬೆವರಾದರೆ, ಜೀವ ಹಸಿರು
Sweat against #corona.

Dr Shrikanth Shetty
Jul 6, 2020

Viral load is an important factor in severity of #Corona. That's why authorities have put restrictions to public life so that exposed viral load is less, delays person to person transmission. #Lockdown, containment is to delay the spread until vaccines arrive. Respect the govt rules and be safe.

The Curly Me
May 13, 2020

#Corona will go down as one of the world's biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly & irrationally inflated & outright deceptively flawed responses in world history

Brendon lovatic
Apr 30, 2020

itne salon se hamari prithvi hamara bojh bina koii shikayat ke utha rahi h . ab hamari baari h to hum uska bojh uthane m shikayat kyu kar rhe h #coronavirus #corona #coro #COVID19 #COVID #stayathome #StayHome

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Shaurya Verma
Apr 29, 2020

We need to understand the sad reality that #corona #virus situation will aggravate #unemployment in India.

Estimates based on #National Sample Survey (NSS) and Periodic #Labour Force Surveys (PLFS)suggest that about 136 million non-agricultural jobs are at immediate risk.

Sanjiv mehta
Apr 27, 2020

#corona crises creates confusion currently in our country