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Umesh jatab
Umesh jatab Jan 6, 2020

nowadays government try too shift the focus from the chronic issue like #poverty #unemployement #gdp with #cab and #nrc and try to manipulate people by doing there cheap tactics and this show a worst result for future generations

Rupsha Chowdhury
Rupsha Chowdhury Dec 28, 2019

With all financial indicators touching multi-year lows, it is time the government acknowledges the ongoing economic slowdown and focuses on setting the basics right.

#economicslowdown #myopinion #indiangovernment #GDP

Neha Ansri
Neha Ansri Dec 22, 2019

#CAA is Okk but #NRC it's not correct time to implement NRC in whole country when #GDP is down..poore NRC ko krne m kitna pesa lgega? First focus on economy and than implement the NRC in country #youropinionmatterstoo