Hardik Oct 7, 2018

#NarendraModi has done some great steps in last few years....some of them may not have been resulted in as planned, but something is always better than nothing...at least he tried. Surely Modi should win. #IndianElection2019

Vipul Gajera
Vipul Gajera Sep 25, 2018

There is news about RSS not standing beside BJP next election. What are your opinions on that? Will that impact BJP? Is RSS planning something big here? Or, is it yet another masterplan of BJP? #BJP #Indian_politics #Congress #NarendraModi #IndianElection2019

Hari Krishan Koul
Hari Krishan Koul Sep 22, 2018

Narinder Modi is a great visionary leader who Rose to this highest post from a humble back ground with his sheer determination, hard work and self confidence. #NarendraModi

Shankar Bhat B
Shankar Bhat B Sep 15, 2018

Lot of people ask why Namo again in 2019? My answer is why not? I never had any doubt about his leadership nor about his passion regarding our nation. If, I he is not given another term we lose all the progress and become backward nation #NarendraModi

Rubeena P Ibrahim
Rubeena P Ibrahim Sep 14, 2018

He emerges as an orator PM and the art of public speaking is so diminished nowadays that he is an option indeed for a popular leader. Our young gen leaders are no match for him in giving speeches. But how far is he successful remains to be seen #NarendraModi

Narendra Modi is doing his job sincerely but side by side he also has to take care of his vote bank otherwise he may lose next poll. #NarendraModi

Anjana Samanta
Anjana Samanta Sep 11, 2018

BJP was choosen to change the fate of the country. However, things were different and our current government became more of religion based drama than democracy. Coming election will be a thing to witness. Who will win? #NarendraModi #BJP #Congress

Vipul Gajera
Vipul Gajera Sep 1, 2018

We do need transparency in the government functioning. Do we have required transparency in various government departments? Whats your views on this? #Transparentgovernance #NarendraModi #IndianElection2019 #BJP

Sonu Patel
Sonu Patel Aug 29, 2018

The party focused towards growth of the country and her people should should be one winning next year. At present.. there's only one option...#BJP #NarendraModi #IndianElection2019

Vipul Gajera
Vipul Gajera Aug 29, 2018

Indians will be voting next year. who do you think will make it this time? Caste-based politics, Economic reforms, or Just money, What do you think will win next year? #NarendraModi #RahulGandhi #BJP #Congress #IndianElection2019

Tanveer Giri
Tanveer Giri Aug 28, 2018

Narendra Modi is a daring Prime Minister with a mind powerful to understand the best interests of India. Additionally, he has a firm grasp over wordly affairs whilst projecting a real growth oriented image of our nation. Kudos to him. #NarendraModi

Umakanta sahu
Umakanta sahu Aug 18, 2018

It's the time for the respected prime minister Narendra Modi jee to tighten his belt to help the denizens of India to move further to an upward direction so that India will be strongest in all parameters. #NarendraModi

Bhatiaa Aug 16, 2018

Yes ,, Narendra Modi is correct and only Option #NarendraModi

Hiren Nimavat
Hiren Nimavat May 30, 2018

He is best @ Governance and Presentation "Charismatic Leader" #NarendraModi

Sup Apr 24, 2018

Greate PM of india.. Going very good..


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