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Aadhya Rodrigues
Oct 6, 2020

Found it on other medium. Seems apt for the current situation. #Politics #IndianPolitics

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Pari Jayaraman
Jul 16, 2020

Few days back, Nepal PM claimed that Shree Ram was actually a Nepali. Where is it coming from and what he is trying to achieve? #Politics #ShreeRam

 Politics, ShreeRam
May 1, 2020

As an Indian politician one must be evil and corrupt. Also, rape and murder is a must. #Rahul baba has none of these wonderful qualities. That is why I don't like his #politics. He talks about compassion and empathy, he wants to help the needy and displays common sense.

Ramesh Bala
Mar 31, 2020

In functioning democracy, leaders don’t rule us, leaders serve us. We put them in government to carry out our will, and we take them out of government if they fail.

But lately people have started to believe that the people should serve the desires of their leader. This is not democracy. #Politics

My considered catch phrase for modern day politics is "there is no difference between a politician and prostitute,except that hers is an profession".

So much had worsened the scenerio in this country. #Politics