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Megha Rawat
Sep 29, 2020

It just shifted completely. Now all is about NCB and Bollywood. What about the suicide or murder?? Is something happening about that?? #SSR

Anika Verma
Sep 10, 2020

There is too much going on in media about #Kangana and #UddhavThakare. Wasn't it all started with #SSR? Where is Justice? Where are criminals? Is this just an attempt to divert the attention from the main topic? What's your opinion guys?

Siddharth Sanyal
Aug 23, 2020

Over-enthusiasm of the media in SSR case will probably botch up the CBI investigation. Reporting is becoming ridiculous. No need for running commentary. We need news. Viewers are not interested in conjectures or the numbers of the CBI cars! REPUBLIC is leading in sensationalizing. #SSR

Jul 28, 2020

Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai. Aur logo ko #SSR ke liye nyay chahiye. #Bollywood #Hypocrisy #Nepotism

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