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Humera Mohammed
Jul 8, 2020

it's upon us to take care of ourselves in this environment. it's not government responsibility to take care of yours! you can't blame for being tested positive. they already said precautions to be taken. you can't blame government or the people!
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Jul 5, 2020

Bill Gates blames social media platforms for COVID-19 spread in U.S. The "crazy ideas" include misinformation convincing people to not wear masks, and conspiracy theories about vaccines to combat the disease. What could be the reason of spread in India? #CoronaVirus #COVID19

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Shreya Vyas
Jun 23, 2020

If #CORONIL successfully treats #COVID19, then this medicine by #Patanjali will prove to be the biggest leap of #Ayurveda in recent times and will increase the faith of the world in Ayurveda by leaps and bounds. Would like to know others' #opinions?

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Kishor wagh
Jun 22, 2020

And there we go. People will find business opportunities in everything. Now, how much is this morally right? What do you thing? #Capitalism #COVID19 #Business

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AS Raghunath
Jun 11, 2020

TN may have bounced back to 2ns position again in terms of C-19 cases but its recovery rate is over 52%. Guj with fourth largest cases, has 68.36% recovery rate. Look at Maha & Dilli! #COVID19

May 30, 2020

Difficult times call for tough leadership. Glad we have this in Hon'ble PM #NarendraModi #COVID19

Rayees seminars
May 24, 2020

Please report your travel history and co-operate with the Jammu and Kashmir administration and police. Healthcare Italy had to choose which one to save because of the social transition. We just can't afford it.
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May 23, 2020

what do you think about Coronavirus, is it due to wet market or intentially created in labs?

Shushil Sigh
May 11, 2020

48 days of #Lockdown. While this was used to slow down the spread, this could also have been used to prepare like preparing enough #COVID19 medical beds, socking up ventilators and acquiring testing kits. I don't think that this is happening at state or central level. This will force yet another #LockdownExtension

It's a fight for survival, and the fittest shall thrive and survive, Let's help each other while helping others, Please follow your respective State Government's rules so that this pandemic can be fought and banished quickly 🇮🇳🙏🏽 #COVID19 #IAmWithNaMo #fittestsurvive