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Neha Here Apr 27, 2020

If #sexualAbuse is due to what women wear, then probably #India would have the lowest rape rate. It's not about what women wear, It all in the sick mindset of the man. #WomenSafety

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Neha Here
Neha Here Apr 16, 2020

I think people should stop politicize or communalise tough times like the current #pendemic of #CoronaVirus. Yes there are few fools, but then there are fools in every house, isn't it?

We are in this together and together we can fight this.

Neha Here
Neha Here Apr 13, 2020

government is going to extend the lockdown. Please, whoever thinks that this is not so serious, think again. If you wish this lockdown to end soon, stay home, follow the rules, this is very serious and worrying. No one is free to catch it and our health system can collapse. #LockdownExtended #CoronavirusLockdown

Neha Here
Neha Here Apr 1, 2020

Just a lockdown thought.
I wonder how people currently at space stations would be thinking or feeling who have a scheduled fly back to earth? #CoronaVirus

Neha Here
Neha Here Mar 31, 2020

Women do not have to:
-Be thin
-Cook for you
-Have long hair
-Be Feminine
-Be graceful
-Be fashionable
-Wear pink
-Have sex with you

We can make our own choices. #feminism #WomenEmpowerment #womenrights

Neha Here
Neha Here Mar 27, 2020

How's #socialdistancing and #CoronavirusLockdown going?

Yesterday, I took a nap to stop eating...hehehe