Kapil Singh
Kapil Singh Aug 2, 2019

One question that always pop-up to me is, what makes the #startup from India and Bay area different? Is about access to funds? Or, access to the high potential talent, or Is it just a mind-set of #Entrepreneurs? #startupindia #StartupNotEasy

Sonu Patel
Sonu Patel Jul 1, 2019

The biggest challenge that an entrepreneur faces, is the psychological brutality that he/she has to go through really deserves the big returns, which many people look only for that. #StartupNotEasy #startupindia

Kavya Kapoor
Kavya Kapoor Jun 28, 2019

Delhi CM Kejriwal just announced to give Rs 1000 to class 9 student to boost entrepreneurship. To me, It looks like a great move to cultivate #entrepreneurship mindset early on. What are your opinions on this? Should other states follow? #StartupNotEasy

Kapil Singh
Kapil Singh Jun 27, 2019

I think nowadays, people looking at only 5% of the successful start ups and jump into the herd to get richer over night. Many of the so called entrepreneurs really don't understand the integral risks and commitment required. #StartupNotEasy

Hardik  Lashkari
Hardik Lashkari Jun 24, 2019

"Tumse na ho payega" - We have all heard this statement from our family and friends, when we conveyed them our decision of initiating a startup. To all them, "It is difficult but the struggle is worth it." #StartupNotEasy