Amelia Thomas
Amelia Thomas Sep 10, 2019

Get it right. #LGBTQ people are as normal as anyone else. They deserve equal rights. Write your opinion if you also think 1. Trans people are cool 2. the LGBTQ community deserves equal rights 3. LGBTQ is natural 4. LGBTQ ar normal humans #GenderEquality

Sonu Patel
Sonu Patel Sep 6, 2019

When asked "When did you lose your Virginity" by a fan, Ileana D'Cruz replied "Wow, Nosy much?? What would your mother say tsk task". That's the way every person should be shut asking such nonsense. I am with you girl. #GenderEquality

Amelia Thomas
Amelia Thomas Sep 5, 2019

A man asked Ileana D'Cruz "When did you lose your virginity?" Such a pig. When we talk about #GenderEquality and #WomenEmpowerment, there is this type of people who never want to change or give equal status to women.

Kavya Kapoor
Kavya Kapoor Sep 5, 2019

Respect for Bangladesh. The country court ruled to remove 'Virgin' word from the marriage certificate. If they can take such a step towards #GenderEquality, why can't there be more such initiatives from other places?

Kavya Kapoor
Kavya Kapoor Jul 18, 2019

Stop complaining or boasting about periods and pregnancy. There is nothing that female have done about them. Its nature that made us like this. It's not true #feminism. Start talking about the things that matter like #WomenEmpowerment & #GenderEquality

Hardik  Lashkari
Hardik Lashkari Jul 5, 2019

If organisations keep preferring males over females during recruitment, workplace sexual harassment will exist forever. What do you say? #GenderEquality

Kavya Kapoor
Kavya Kapoor Jun 18, 2019

Indian women don't have a voice. We all want #WomenEmpowerment and #GenderEquality but when it comes to speaking up, We, Indian women, don't raise our views. I think that's the difference between developed countries and us.